Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

A Marine, September 11, PTSD, and Your Support

It was a clear September morning when suddenly four commercial airlines became missiles, each with a target in the September 11th terrorist attack. One target was the Pentagon, where Marine Gary Nichols was stationed. The impact was devastating. “It was like an improvised explosive device (IED) going off at my desk,” he says. “I got thrown out of my chair into a brick wall.”

That horrific day had a huge impact on Gary. He suffered a traumatic brain injury as well as a PTSD diagnosis, and both issues affect him to this day. “My PTSD got worse when I was in Iraq a few years later,” he says. “That’s when everything started falling down around me.”

Gary joined the Marines at age 24 as a Private and retired 20 years later as a Gunnery Sergeant E7. He had a rewarding career. But his service left him permanently disabled. Now a civilian, Gary struggles to manage his symptoms and his disabilities keep him from being able to work. He and his wife barely make ends meet.

That’s why, when Hurricane Florence hit, it was the last straw. After evacuating, Gary and his wife returned to find their home in South Carolina seriously damaged, and overdue bills piling up. But there was help, thanks to you.

Gary came to HonorBound, and your support covered his overdue electric bill – a huge relief. This is the practical, life-changing good that your generosity brings. You helped this Marine get back on his feet. That’s something you can feel good about. “It means everything to know that HonorBound is helping veterans,” Gary says. “My wife and I are both grateful.”