Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

A Veteran Struggles to Make Ends Meet – and Discovers Your Generosity

Picture this: You’re a veteran. You served your country. And now you’re back home with a child to take care of. And your electricity and water are about to be shut off. This is the situation Tre’Neshia was in.

Tre’Neshia joined the Navy a few years after graduation from high school, eager for a new opportunity. She did well on her tests and was channeled into mechanical engineering, a field she wouldn’t have anticipated for herself. “But I loved it,” she says. “I spent two years learning all about engineering.” Tre’Neshia was planning to make the Navy her career, but a medical condition intervened. She had to leave the service.

Unfortunately, civilian life brought new challenges. She relied on the structure in the military, but now that was gone. Worse, despite her engineering training, she struggled to find a job. “It was hard making that transition,” she says, “especially when employers don’t seem like they want to hire veterans.”

Money is tight, especially because Tre’Neshia has a 10-month-old son. So when her electricity and water bills went overdue, she came to HonorBound. And you were there for her. Your support covered those bills. You helped Tre’Neshia when she needed you. Isn’t it good to know that? “It was a true blessing to get that help,” Tre’Neshia says. “Now I can buy a cake for my son’s birthday. I’m truly grateful for HonorBound and all their supporters.”