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Army Veteran Antoinette Just Needed a Little Help

Honorbound Foundation - Army Veteran Antoinette Needed Help

Antoinette deserves our help. She served for ten years in the Army and the Reserves. After the military, she got her degree and became a nurse- a job she held for ten years. Suddenly, her company lost a huge contract. “My employment abruptly ended,” Antoinette says. It took a few months to find another job, and by that time she had no savings left. Unable to cover her rent, she lost her apartment.

Antoinette finally found a new job, but she couldn’t get there.

“My car broke down,” she exclaims. “I need that car to get to work and doctor’s appointments, and I’m apartment hunting.”

Getting to work- that’s critical. Antoinette works as a nurse.

Getting to doctor’s appointments- that’s critical. Antoinette is a cancer survivor.

Apartment hunting? Also critical. Antoinette is in temporary transitional housing and needs to find a new place.

Thanks to your generous support, Antoinette got her car fixed. Now she can get to work and find a new home. That car repair was the last piece of the puzzle. “Without HonorBound I would have been stuck,” she says. “Getting my car fixed is truly a blessing. Now I can move forward. I’m so grateful.”