A Year’s Not Far Away” by Army Veteran J.L. Ortiz

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It’s finally here! Proud Army veteran and musician J.L. Ortiz has partnered with HonorBound for a special charity music video, “A Year’s Not Far Away.” The song tells the story of J.L.’s year of active duty deployment and portrays the emotional experiences of soldiers during and after service. It explores the pain of missing loved ones at home, as well as the sacrifices made by service members to protect our country and our freedoms.

All money raised will go to assisting veterans in crisis nationwide. Such aid includes security deposits for homeless veterans, PTSD care, food, education and much more. Too many veterans face hardships after service. We as a country need to step up and do more for them. We hope that this moving song will inspire people to get more involved in veterans’ issues, and to say “Thank You” to those who served.

J.L. is doing more for his fellow veterans, and he truly embodies our #ICanDoMore campaign. When it comes to our veterans, every little bit has a life-changing impact. So, join us by sharing “A Year’s Not Far Away” and to HonorBound today. Don’t just talk about helping, take action now! We don’t know all of our heroes, but we certainly owe them all.