Army Veteran J.L Ortiz Writes Song “Anxiously Awake” To Raise Awareness for PTSD

J.L Ortiz, an Army veteran, wrote a song to promote PTSD awareness and veteran suicide prevention. His song, “Anxiously Awake” has already reached over 11,000 viewers internationally.

Mr. Ortiz’s song touches on his personal experience and struggles after separating from service. He describes the sleepless nights, harmful tendencies, and hopelessness. But his message isn’t just about his suffering, it also depicts the power of love and the healing that comes with accepting help and being supported by family and friends.

J.L shared his song on June 27th for PTSD Awareness Day, and even went above and beyond by creating a Facebook fundraiser for HonorBound Foundation! His creativity, dedication to the cause, and generous contributions are making a difference to struggling veterans across the country.

To join Mr. Ortiz in the fight to support hurting service members and veterans, please .

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