Danger Close Recap

Danger Close Recap

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who supported our special charity screening of Danger Close on October 26th here in Stamford, CT. The event brought together a like-minded crowd of service members, veterans and others dedicated to helping struggling veterans across the country. We even had some special appearances from politicians dedicated to veterans’ issues, including Senator Carlo Leone who represents Darien and Stamford residents who live in the 27th district.

Our Executive Director, Pamela Harper Kushner, was invited by producer Martin Walsh to the Hollywood premiere for the film as well. At the event she was able to communicate with actors from the film (Kushner is pictured between Australian actor Daniel Webber and Actress Emmy Dougall) as well as the Danger Close production team about our #ICanDoMore mission, with the goal of spreading awareness and education to the public. We are honored to have been invited and will use this momentum and exposure to further our mission of assisting veterans in crisis.

Danger Close Recap - HonorBound Foundation

Our goal is to bring awareness to the experiences of soldiers in service, including the intense emotions of battle and the unbreakable bond between comrades. We hope that events like the Danger Close screening will serve as a means to educate the public on the mental toll that active duty service takes on our heroes. The film depicted the Battle of Long Tan in South Vietnam that lasted only four hours. However, the emotional trauma has continued to live on in soldiers’ hearts for the past 53 years. Your generosity can have an impact, today to help veterans suffering from trauma after service.

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors: Saban Films, Saboteur Media, Greenwich International Film Festival, and the Avon Theatre for all their hard work in making this event happen. A special thanks to Darien, CT. local and Danger Close executive producer Mark Lindsay for his critical work on this project.