Death Sentence for Homeless Veterans?

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As you know, Coronavirus is a deadly force that is currently spreading across the United States. This poses a threat to our health, employment, and our families. Although the world is in chaos, it is critical that we think about our veterans during this pandemic.

As we all flock to grocery stores and fill our cars up with gas, please take a moment to remember the over 40,000 homeless veterans who have no means of protecting themselves, who can’t stay home, and who have no voice.

Homeless veterans will suffer from this virus. They are struggling to find the necessary resources required to keep themselves healthy during this time. Many of these soldiers have compromised immune systems and limited access to proper healthcare; they will not be able to prevent or recover from Coronavirus without your help.

If you have a stocked fridge and a safe and clean home to stay in, you are privileged during this crisis. Thousands of veterans live paycheck to paycheck. Now that it is necessary to stay inside, many are losing their ability to work and provide for their families. Please Give Support to those veterans whose loss of employment will be devastating to their families.

Our veterans have made selfless sacrifices- both physical and mental- to protect our country and our freedoms. Not a single one of them deserves to suffer even more because of this global health crisis.

Please stay inside, stay safe, and please Help Homeless Vets that are extremely vulnerable during this time. For them, your generosity is literally the difference between life and death.