HonorBound Servicing Black and African American Veterans

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Black and African American veterans are especially highly affected during this time of conflict and inequality. The HonorBound team is dedicated now more than ever to enact our mission to assist any honorable veteran in crisis. No exceptions. No exclusivity.

Here’s how and where your donations go to work in our community. Since COVID-19, your generosity has provided:

65% of those veterans and veteran families assisted by HonorBound identify as Black or African American. 

170 utility payments to keep the lights on,
38 medical bills paid for emergency treatments,
18 funeral expenses paid for grieving families,
265 families provided food and other groceries,
• And 40 families assisted with other urgent needs.

Thank you for being there for them. Your generosity fuels our mission to respond to their urgent requests within 24 hours.

During this time of social unrest, please consider donating directly through HonorBound to have the biggest impact in our community.

Thank you for reading. Please DONATE today to support the marginalized members of the veteran community.