Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans


Finally, after more than 2½ years, our Boots is prepared for active duty.

In September 2018, generous donors like you made it possible for HonorBound Foundation to donate $25,000 to Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs for the training and placement of a medical service dog. That service dog (we’ve named her Boots) is finally ready to be paired with a veteran.

The first meeting between Boots and her veteran is scheduled in June. The veteran is a Connecticut native who was selected after nominations were requested by HonorBound from various veterans organizations in the state. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months, including the identity of the veteran who will be cared for by Boots. You might also get the chance to meet Boots in person! Wouldn’t that be a treat?

Trained PTSD service dogs can:

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    Respond to the stress level of the veteran, reacting to their signs of anxiety or depression.
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    Understand when a nightmare or flashback is happening, and use their weight to provide deep pressure stimulation
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    Protect with physical barriers when needed in triggering public places, like having their back at the ATM when they feel vulnerable.
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    Remind them to take medications and retrieve those medications.
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    Retrieve items to assist the veteran, like a cold water bottle during a flashback or medication during a panic attack.
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    Provide constant loyalty and love to a veteran in need.

Boots is a German Shepherd that has been specially trained to assist a veteran with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a devastating disability that can cause serious harm to veterans and their loved ones. Symptoms can range from nightmares and flashbacks to overwhelming fear and panic.

In the U.S., 22 military veterans commit suicide each day, many because of their struggles with PTSD. When veterans with PTSD are paired with a service dog, the suicide rate is significantly reduced.

To join HonorBound in pairing veterans with service dogs, please click here: