Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

Chris Mitkowski


Serving in the military is in Chris Mitkowski’s blood. His dad served in World War II, his brothers served in Vietnam and his uncle served in Korea. “We take our freedom for granted in this country,” Chris says. “People die for it.”

Chris entered the Army as a private at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. After that he was with the infantry at Fort Benning, Georgia, and from there he was sent to Wiesbaden, West Germany to guard the border between East and West Germany. “It was tough on the border,” he states, “there was no heat, no anything, and you were always in the field. You never knew what would happen.”

After the Army, Chris came home and worked in construction- a job he still holds today. But the work is seasonal, so weeks go by with no money coming in. At the age of 54, this takes a serious toll, especially now that Chris has diabetes. It is critical that his diabetes medicine stays refrigerated, but without work this season, Chris’s electricity bill went overdue!

Chris needed to act fast. His medicine is an urgent necessity that he simply cannot go without. When he couldn’t pay his electricity bill, it literally became a matter of life or death.

When Chris came to HonorBound, your generosity was there for him. You got his electricity turned back on so his life-saving medicine can be refrigerated. Now with power in his home, Chris doesn’t have to be afraid for his health and his life. “That was a real godsend,” he says, “I don’t know what I would have done without HonorBound.”