Connecticut-Based Nonprofit to Host Danger Close Movie Screening

Released: May 23, 2019

Danger Close Press Release

HonorBound Foundation of Darien, CT is partnering with Saban Films, Saboteur Media, Greenwich International Film Festival and the Avon Theatre to host a special charity screening of the new movie Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan on Oct. 26 at the Avon Theatre in Stamford.

The Vietnam-era movie will be shown on Saturday (Oct. 26) at 10 A.M. at the historic Stamford venue. Tickets are priced at $20. Proceeds from the event will benefit Honorbound’s efforts to assist veterans. Such aid includes security deposits for homeless veterans, PTSD care, education, food, and more. For more details and tickets please visit

The movie chronicles the intense combat during the August 1966 battle between Australian troops and soldiers from the Viet Cong – a significant event in Australian military history. Combat took place on a rubber plantation in South Vietnam over an area no larger than 2 football fields. An estimated 400,000 rounds of ammunition were fired, killing 18 Aussies and about 250 Vietnamese soldiers.

The Battle of Long Tan was a victory against all odds. The Australian troops were outnumbered 108 to over 2,000 and had to fight bravely through a lightning storm. Murky fog and rain plastered the field with treacherous mobility. Despite the impossible odds, the Aussies’ strategy and comradery won them a victory.

HonorBound’s inception is tied to the Vietnam War, as the nonprofit was established to assist victims of Agent Orange. The charity seeks to return to its roots by bringing awareness to the experience of warfare in Vietnam, as well as to the intensity and bravery of those who fought in it.

The film Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan will depict the bravery between soldiers, and will illuminate the intense emotions experienced in battle. HonorBound is well versed in the symptoms of PTSD experienced by veterans after service, as many of those it supports suffer with symptoms of the diagnosis. They believe that this film will motivate people to become more aware of and involved in veterans’ issues on a local and national level.

HonorBound began as a Vietnam War veteran organization in 1978, and now works tirelessly to solve today’s problems for veterans in all 50 states. The nonprofit has expanded their reach, now assisting veterans from any time.

The charity’s core mission: to bring about public understanding of the hardships many veterans face. HonorBound feels that the film’s emotional portrayal of teamwork and bravery will inspire people to get more involved with veteran issues, and to say thank you to those who served.

Mark Lindsay of Darien, CT is executive producer of Danger Close. He will be available to answer questions about the film at the conclusion of the screening.

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SOURCE HonorBound Foundation