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Escaping a violent and chaotic home life

At the young age of 17, Goldie was desperate to escape a violent and chaotic home life. She saw an opportunity to save herself, and she took it. “Joining was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“I was just a child when I joined,” she says. “Etiquette, grooming, how to behave- all the things you would’ve thought I learned at home, I learned in the Marines.” Goldie’s transformation started the very first day of boot camp and continued through her service. “They broke me down and built me back up into a Marine.”

In her 17 years of service, Goldie traveled the world and worked in logistics. She excelled at her job, but when she left the Marines, things changed.

As a civilian, she struggled, especially on the job. “I was used to giving orders,” Goldie says, “and having people follow them. That created a lot of friction for me in my jobs.” Goldie found and lost a lot of jobs as a civilian.

But none of those lost jobs compared to the devastating notice she got from Social Security stating that she had been overpaid. Suddenly, the overpayment was deducted from her checks, leaving Goldie unable to cover her bills. Payments were building up. It was a disaster. Goldie couldn’t find a way out.

Turns out, a clerical error had caused the problem. But by then, she was already deep in a hole of debt. Goldie knew she had to act fast, so she came to HonorBound. Thanks to your generosity, her car payment was taken care of – a huge relief.

“I’m truly grateful for HonorBound,” Goldie says. “Now I’m back on my feet, able to handle my bills. Life is good. I’ll never forget how you helped me.”