What makes HonorBound different from other veteran charities? 
We provide emergency financial relief for veterans and their families that is not readily available from the VA or other organizations.
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How are you funded?

We are privately funded and rely entirely on generous donations from our supporters.

How long have you been helping veterans and their families?

We’ve been serving veterans since 1978, when Paul Reutershan filed the original lawsuit against the manufacturers of Agent Orange. Over the years, a trust between veterans and our organization grew because they knew we had their best interests at heart. In 2017, we changed our name to HonorBound Foundation to better define our expanded mission to help our brother and sister veterans of all wars. We have never stopped working to maintain the level of dignity that every veteran deserves. To learn more, read our story.

Why is “Honor. Dignity. Respect.” your tagline?

  • Honor is the concept we, as veterans, had instilled in us from the first time we raised our right hand to take the oath to become members of our particular branch of the Armed Forces. It is a way of life, a manner of behavior, and a source of pride for all who served.
  • Dignity is maintaining that pride, supporting and nurturing our families in a way that they can be the very best they can be so that through their individual contributions, our nation will grow.
  • Respect—our veterans have earned it; it’s our mission to help them preserve it along with their honor and dignity.

Where are you located? Do you help veterans and their families only in Connecticut?

We are headquartered in Darien, Connecticut. We serve veterans all over the country. As long as a veteran served honorably for at least one year of active duty, we are honor bound to assist.

I am a veteran who has served honorably for at least one year. How can I get help from HonorBound Foundation?

We accept referrals from caseworkers and social workers from local, state, and federal agencies, including the VA. You approach them with your situation; ultimately, they may refer you to us. Locate a VA center and case worker near you.

Stories of Support

“I have a home now — thank you. HonorBound got me on my feet.”

– L.S.M. in Florida