Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

From Homeless to Stable Single Dad


“Experience is life, man.” That’s how Robert Wilson describes his service in the Marines. He joined right out of high school, mainly to get out of his small town. He served Honorably in Okinawa, at Camp Le June and other duty stations. But it wasn’t so much the locations as the lessons for Robert. “You learn discipline,” he says. “You learn integrity. You learn how to be a better man.”

After the Marines, Robert applied those valuable lessons to his life as a civilian. He held a series of jobs, including working with race horses. For 20 years he groomed them, exercised them, fed them and more. “I know how to do pretty much everything with a horse,” he says.

After those 20 years of hard hands-on work, the opportunities for work in his field dried up. Robert had trouble finding a new passion, or even any reliable work at all. He fell behind on his rent. He got evicted. He even spent five months homeless on the streets…

But Robert stayed strong. He picked himself up, and he turned his life around by reaching out for help. Thanks to your generosity, HonorBound was able to provide him with a security deposit for a new place.

Today Robert is a single dad who’s doing all the right things for his four kids. When he moved into his new home, he was extremely grateful to be able to provide for his children. And they love the place! You made that happen for them. Your support brought safety and stability back into his family’s lives. “Now I can be that better man,” he says.

“HonorBound gave me the fresh start I needed,” Robert says. “Now that I’m back on track, I feel confident I can keep going. It means the world to me to know that HonorBound is there and I am not alone.”