Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

From the Front Lines Back to the Homefront

Jean Claude’s Journey and Your Support

Jean Claude’s unit was on patrol when it came across Afghan National Army soldiers trying to disarm an IED with a pocket knife. Without any warning, the bomb went off. Exploding shrapnel and debris filled the air as soldiers dove for cover….

Several Afghan soldiers lost limbs and parts of limbs. Blood loss was imminent, lives were at stake. Luckily for the soldiers, Jean Claude jumped into action, using his skills as a trained Army medic. “I wanted to help people and save lives” Jean Claude says.

It’s no secret that Jean Claude’s bravery on the battlefield saved many lives. But after his service, he had trouble adjusting to civilian life. He finally landed a good job but struggled to get there with no means of transportation. With your generous support, Jean Claude got a reliable used car. That car opened a world of possibilities, and he’s grateful to you for it. “A lot of people just turn a blind eye” Jean Claude says, “but HonorBound really cares about helping veterans.”

Now Jean Claude is able to work and study for his degree in Biomedical Engineering. He will be the first in his family to earn a college degree.

Wartime service requires unparalleled courage and commitment, and Jean Claude is an excellent example of the heart that our veterans put into protecting our country and our freedoms. But the unfortunate truth is that many veterans struggle to find stability and happiness after their service. Shouldn’t life be easier after returning from war?

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