Hear from our heroes

Since 1978, HonorBound Foundation has assisted over 20,000 veterans.

  • On average, you assist 16 veterans every single day, each one in dire emergency need- like Tim. Timothy Williams joined the Army right out of high school. He served for 6 years, spending time at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, Fort Polk in Louisiana, and Fort Hood in Texas.

    - Timothy Williams

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  • At the young age of 17, Goldie was desperate to escape a violent and chaotic home life. She saw an opportunity to save herself, and she took it. “Joining was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

    - Goldie Mosley

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HonorBound is there and I am not alone
"HonorBound gave me the fresh start I needed. Now that I’m back on track, I feel confident I can keep going. It means the world to me to know that HonorBound is there and I am not alone. Read More…"
- Robert Wilson
  • U.S. Navy veteran Marilyn Morales was able to start her own nail care business in Philadelphia thanks to the generosity of donors like you.

    – Marilyn Morales

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"Thank you HBF for helping me get my truck insured for the next six months as I use my truck to collect pallets for a living. Your agency really helped me during a time that was pretty tough to get through on my own. I have a hard time asking for help and your agency came through. Much appreciated. Mahalo"
- H.L.
We help veterans when other agencies simply can’t
  • Serving in the military is a family tradition for Passion Herbert. Both her parents, brother and stepmother all served. She started down the military path early on, first as a Junior Reserve Officer in JROTC during high school, then joined the Army after graduating.

    – Passion Herbert

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Providing swift assistance usually within 1-2 days
"I am extremely grateful that HonorBound foundation was there in my time of need. I am forever extremely grateful for all they do for veterans past, present, and future."
- J.S.
  • “We would have to fumble around in the dark,” he says, “helping my son do his homework by candlelight or flashlight.” That was the last straw for Haron, so he finally reached out for help.

    – Haron Smith

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  • “HonorBound understands what veterans go through,” Hanna says. “It was such a blessing to get this help. I’m so grateful. Now I can get back on my feet.”

    - Hanna Evans

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  • “My employment abruptly ended,” Antoinette says. It took a few months to find another job, and by that time she had no savings left. Unable to cover her rent, she lost her apartment.

    – Antoinette

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  • “I felt that God put it on my heart to serve my country.” That’s why Wanda Morrow joined the Army. It was in 2001 when she felt the call. She joined as a PFC E2 and left the Army seven years later as a Specialist E4, having served in Wiesbaden, Germany, Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C., and Fort Rucker in Alabama. Throughout her Army career…

    – Wanda Morrow

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  • It was a clear September morning when suddenly four commercial airlines became missiles, each with a target in the 9/11 terrorist attack. One target was the Pentagon, where Marine Gary Nichols was stationed. The impact was devastating.

    “It was like an IED going off at my desk,” he says. “I got thrown out of my chair into a brick wall.”

    – Gary Nichols

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  • Jason loved the Army—the discipline, the structure, the camaraderie. But while he was stationed at Fort Hood, he injured his knee. The damage was so bad that he needed surgery and extensive treatment to recover…

    – Jason Hylton

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"HonorBound was there for me when I needed help and I want to thank them for helping a combat veteran."
- T. C.
We help veterans when other agencies simply can’t
  • Jean Claude’s unit was on patrol when it came across Afghan National Army soldiers trying to disarm an IED with a pocket knife. Without any warning, the bomb went off. Exploding shrapnel and debris filled the air as soldiers dove for cover….

    – Jean Claude

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Providing swift assistance usually within 1-2 days
"Hi, via my Social Worker/Case Worker, I was able to receive financial assistance on 2 situations. All this happened within a few days. I am VERY grateful, for the quick work and effort from my Case Worker/Social Worker as well as the HonorBound for its quick/timely response.

Thank you!"

- L.S.
  • “I am completely and utterly in shock to see my electricity and utilities paid in full. I still can’t not stop crying. Thanks so so much from the bottom of my heart on the behalf of the Kumi family we want to say a huge huge thank you. May the Lord bless your organization and keep you, may HIS face shine on you and give you HIS peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding.Thank you once again for all your help.”

    – Mark Kumi

"My family and I really appreciate your generous donation! We were able to pay a bill we had fallen behind in. With your help, we were able to catch up with our remaining balance allowing us to terminate future services we could not afford. If it weren’t for you, we would still be in growing debt situation and not aloud to cancel services. It’s people like you that help make this world a better place!"
- Anonymous
Assisting veterans who need it the most.
  • For several years, the only family Phillip had was Bear, his 8-year old German Shepherd mix.

    The 57-year old U.S. Army veteran and his dog were inseparable, even when Phillip could no longer afford housing and the two were forced out into the streets. But an even bigger crisis would soon confront the pair.

    – Phillip and Bear reunited.

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We help veterans from all over the U.S.
"Recently you have showed your generosity to me through one of your one time grants. Thank you for your assistance."
- A.W.
  • “I was dumbfounded for a few minutes and then she explained to me what had happened and I was just like, ‘Whoa, you hear about things like this but you never think it’s going to happen to you,’” says Pendagast, after he found out that HonorBound Foundation had made it possible for him to have heat in his home, for the first time in 6 years, by paying for the repairs on his heating system.

    – Tom Pendagast

"Dear HonorBound, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for assisting us with our rent. We are truly touched for helping us in our time of need and now we’ll be able to stay on track monthly from now on. God bless and thank you again."
- W.G.
Assisting veterans who need it the most.
  • “…And shortly after I was able to give back what Honor Bound Foundation so graciously gave me. So I continue to support Honor Bound Foundation every month, and I would encourage every veteran that’s able to do so because I honestly believe they’re doing a lot to help other veterans.”

    – Steven Rowe

We help veterans from all over the U.S.
"I am writing to express my deepest thanks. Knowing that there’s good hearted people, who help others who are in need it’s a blessing. I am grateful for your help and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- G.W.
  • “I would like to thank Honor Bound for stepping in when I was in crisis and I had no idea where the money was coming from. They saved the day, that day!”

    – EBB

"My wife and I will like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help. This transition from the army into the civilian world hasn’t been easy for us as a family. After 4 deployments and 12 years of service It hasn’t been easy for me mentally and physically because of my injuries. Very thankful for your help."
- Anonymous
We help veterans when other agencies simply can’t
  • “Honor Bound is heaven sent. When Ms. Wanda came into our lives, I was 6 months pregnant with 2 girls and currently evicted from my home.”

    – LaQuita Manon

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We help veterans when other agencies simply can’t
"You will never know how much this means to me and my family. I know people say it all the time but it really takes a load off for us. Tell everyone and anyone involved that this family thanks you for your services."
- B.P.
  • “I was laid off, lost my home, exhausted my 401k and was forced into early retirement at age 60. I decided to return to school to start a second career in teaching, but I was unable to afford the fees. I am so thankful that HonorBound Foundation stepped in and paid for my teaching certificate. I can now start a new career.”

    – Ralph Munoz, MaED

"… While working on an urgent financial situation with our Veterans Resource Specialist, she mentioned a wonderful organization called HonorBound that could possibly assist us. … It was just a matter of a few days and assistance was received by paying an electrical bill which resulted in no loss of electricity. … Thank you again HonorBound!! What you are doing is so needed in the Veteran community."
- C.J.
We help veterans when other agencies simply can’t
  • “I am very excited and grateful . . . for assistance in helping me to move into a new place before Christmas.”

    – R. Johnson

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