Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

In Just One Day You Turned Things Around

On average, you assist 16 veterans every single day, each one in dire emergency need- like Tim.

Timothy Williams joined the Army right out of high school. He served for 6 years, spending time at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, Fort Polk in Louisiana, and Fort Hood in Texas. His service took him all around the world, applying his skills in Greece and Germany. “Germany was tough,” he says with a chuckle. “We were in the field all the time in the freezing cold.”

Throughout his Army career, Tim was in artillery. He went in as a Private and rose to Sergeant E-5. He was awarded numerous awards and commendations. He served with honor and incomparable bravery. Tim’s successes in the Army proved him to be a dedicated worker, skilled teammate, and passionate defender of liberty. But in the civilian world, Tim faced serious difficulty- he was diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer treatment took a huge toll on Tim mentally and physically. “Every day was exhausting. Every breath was a labor,” he says. After fighting through the worst of it, Tim started to find hope again. But it all came crashing down when the transmission in his car failed.

Tim needed his car to get to and from his cancer treatments. Transportation literally became a matter of life or death. But YOU were there for Tim and his family. YOU got his car repaired so he could continue his critical medical treatment. That car is his lifeline. YOU brought the light back.

Tim not only appreciated the help but also the FAST ACTION. “I was impressed with how HonorBound handled things,” Tim says. “In just one day they called and paid for my car repairs.” This depicts the respect you show to our country’s veterans. Tim’s story is just one of the many miracles your generosity provides on a daily basis.

So please, think of the 22,000 you have helped already, and think of the thousands and thousands more honorable heroes facing crises in civilian life. Please continue to support them, please keep fighting for those who fought for us, and please don’t just talk about it- take action and . They need you, right now.