Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

“It’s a huge relief to have this bill taken care of”

Jason loved the Army—the discipline, the structure, the camaraderie. But while he was stationed at Fort Hood, he injured his knee. The damage was so bad that he needed surgery and extensive treatment to recover.

Jason has had seven surgeries so far. It’s taken a toll on Jason and his wife Lindsay. Unable to continue working in construction, Jason was forced to find a less physically demanding job. They were just barely getting by with their mortgage payments when the family discovered that their water line needed to be replaced.

This was a major expense that Jason and Lindsay just couldn’t afford. As a result, they became overdue on their water bill, and the utility company shut their water off.

That’s when Lindsay and Jason came to HonorBound. Thanks to your generous support, they got help fast to cover the repairs and get their water back on. “It means the world to us,” Lindsay said, “that HonorBound is there. I don’t know what we would have done without you.” Now that their debt is resolved, Jason feels empowered to focus on his recovery and find reliable work.