What Makes Us Unique

HonorBound is unlike other veteran organizations and charities. Other organizations provide services for veterans who encounter specific issues. But many veterans who need help do not meet these organizations’ specific requirements. That’s why we help veterans who, despite their dire circumstances, have been turned away from other organizations and have nowhere else to go for help.

What sets us apart from other organizations:

FLEXIBLE AID – we assist with a wide range of urgent expenses, from security deposits and medical bills to food, auto and home repairs, education, and more. For real stories of veterans we’ve helped, listen to the heroes themselves.

FAST TURNAROUND – we know that for urgent expenses, timing is critical, so we work hard to provide assistance typically within 2 business days of a referral. For veterans who have had their power shut off or have some other extremely urgent expense, we can typically provide assistance within 1 business day.

SIMPLE APPLICATION PROCESS – we work with social workers and case workers who file referrals on behalf of veterans, so that veterans themselves are not required to fill out any paperwork in order to receive assistance.

NATIONWIDE SERVICES – we use our working relationships with social workers and VSO’s from local and national organizations to assist veterans in all 50 states.

MINIMAL REQUIREMENTS – we assist veterans of any age, from any war or conflict, who have served honorably for at least one year of active duty.