Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

Marilyn Morales

With the launch of our #ICanDoMore campaign, we want to highlight stories about stepping up for those who stepped up to serve our country.

HonorBound’s #ICanDoMore campaign is promoting our mission to assist 22,000 deserving veterans, like Marilyn.

Marilyn Morales

Marilyn Morales is a fighter. She served honorably in the Navy for 4 years. “It’s the best job I’ve ever had,” she explains. Marilyn put everything on the line for her country, providing critical signaling codes during combat to alert and inform her comrades. “It’s scary…but I’d do it any day of the week and twice on Sundays for the United States of America.” But when she separated from service, she found herself in hard times…

Through her perseverance she was able to find a local organization to assist her with securing a home for herself. Marilyn was ready to work, and she even got a license for nail care. Things seemed to be looking up, but Marilyn had no tools to start her new job!

When HonorBound heard Marilyn’s story we immediately stepped in, providing her with all the tools and supplies necessary to start her own nail care business. Now she can go to work and provide for herself, and is finding peace and stability in her life.

After selfless service to our country, Marilyn got the fresh start she deserves.

HonorBound is doing more for veterans facing hard times. We are committed to serving those who have served us. But we can’t do it alone; our organization relies on generous donors like you to fuel our mission.

We can ALL do more for veterans. Join our #ICanDoMore campaign by posting something more YOU can do to help veterans.