Newsletter 3-2018

This past Veterans Day (11/11/17), we changed our name to HonorBound Foundation to better describe our commitment to assisting veterans and their families with honor, dignity, and respect.

Families who come to us are usually struggling with decisions between normal monthly expenses and those unexpected expenses that can throw a family into crisis mode. The way we assist allows them to preserve the dignity every veteran’s family deserves.

We help in ways other agencies can’t. Veterans and their families turn to HonorBound for critical social and health services. We have provided temporary housing for veterans in crisis, and helped purchase everything from snow tires to dentures.

Many agencies won’t provide assistance until the family is in danger of eviction or utility shut-off. HonorBound Foundation strives to provide sustainable assistance that enables and empowers the veteran to build on that help, making possible their continued success.

WWII Veteran Gets New Home in Time for Christmas

Photography by: Cloe Poisson / Hartford Courant

Take the case of Robert Johnson, a 94-year-old World War II veteran. He was living in decrepit conditions in a government-subsidized apartment in Hartford, CT, and was facing eviction when US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and HonorBound Foundation stepped in to help. HonorBound quickly provided funds to cover a security deposit for a new apartment for Johnson, who was able to move into the safer apartment just in time for the holidays. For more details on this story, please visit our website.

Photography by: Cloe Poisson / Hartford Courant

Veteran Homelessness

While some of our brother and sister veterans are homeless because they cannot afford a place to live, that’s not the only reason for homelessness. Mental health issues are a leading cause of homelessness. In some cases, severe PTSD can manifest in a heightened sense of vigilance with a veteran needing to know what is going on all around them and walls can often increase their anxiety.

In 2017 alone, we directly helped prevent homelessness for 615 veterans, spending $285,742 on one-time assistance for mortgages, rents, security deposits, and moving expenses.

While there are programs that provide supplemental vouchers for affordable housing, HonorBound is different. We are in the business of preventing homelessness. In 2017 alone, we directly helped prevent homelessness for 615 veterans, spending $285,742 on one-time assistance for mortgages, rents, security deposits and moving expenses. The generous and consistent support from our donors is critical to continuing HonorBound’s mission. Thank you for all you do on behalf of our amazing American veterans.


Phil Kraft, President

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