Newsletter 6-2018

Medical Service Dogs May be the Answer

Imagine waking up totally disoriented and distressed from a nightmare. It’s all too common for many U.S. veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The frequency and intensity of the combat flashbacks cause many veterans to contemplate and eventually commit suicide.
Recent data released by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs show 20 military veterans commit suicide each day, a figure that has remained largely unchanged since 2005. HonorBound, in partnership with Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, is trying to reduce the number of veteran suicides.

Recently, we attended a fundraising event where military veterans suffering from PTSD described how their lives were changed after being paired with a therapy dog from Guardian Angels. John, a veteran who spoke at the event, shared his story of how he was contemplating suicide before his dog Ranger came into his life. John met Ranger at a training facility where they would end up spending several days together. On the first day, John, exhausted from a long drive, went to his room for a nap and experienced one of his frequent flashbacks. He awoke to find Ranger with his head placed on his chest, only minutes after the two had met.

John & Ranger are so close you can’t see where one ends and the other begins.

Ranger was able to sense that John needed help and immediately did what he was trained to do by putting stress-reducing pressure on specific areas of the body.

HonorBound was so moved by John’s story that we pledged $25,000 to raise, train and place a therapy dog with a military veteran. Check out our website and social media for our fundraising campaign where you can follow the progress of our puppy’s training and stay tuned for the opportunity to help choose the name for our dog. Follow us on social media and share our hashtag #inseparableduo with your friends and family.

Do you know a veteran who may be at risk of suicide?
The Department of Veterans Affairs has a Suicide Hotline:

Stories of Support

In 2017, we assisted 2,236 veterans and families. Here are two stories we would like to share with you.


For several years, the only family Phillip had was Bear, his 8-year old German Shepherd mix.

The 57-year old U.S. Army veteran and his dog were inseparable, even when Phillip could no longer afford housing and the two were forced out into the streets. But an even bigger crisis would soon confront the pair.

Phillip needed to be hospitalized for medical evaluation. Because Phillip had no family in the area, Bear was facing an extended stay and uncertain fate in a local animal shelter.

As Phillip began his treatment and recovery, an official at the Department of Veterans Affairs contacted HonorBound about finding a home for Bear. We were able to secure boarding for Bear as Phillip underwent treatment so the two could be reunited when Phillip completed his in-patient care.

Phillip and Bear reunited.


Six months pregnant with her third child, LaQuita had been evicted from her home and the car she had recently purchased at auction had broken down. The young veteran was at a breaking point. She desperately needed the car to get to work and doctor appointments in a neighboring city.

With few options left, the caseworker assisting LaQuita told her about HonorBound. LaQuita was pleasantly surprised there was an organization that would provide auto repairs! When we learned of LaQuita’s situation, HonorBound contacted a local auto repair shop and paid for the repairs. In LaQuita’s words,

“HonorBound is heaven sent…. Now my car is running very well and I can tend to errands without having to walk or depend on somebody to assist me.”

Honorbound Foundation Stories of Support - LaQuita Manon

Happy to have their car back.


The entire staff of HonorBound Foundation participated in the Darien Memorial Day Parade. We enjoyed getting to celebrate our veterans, and the chance to remember and acknowledge the lives of those who are no longer with us. We were honored to be a part of such a wonderful event.