Our Mission

At HonorBound, when a brother or sister veteran is in need, we help. We offer case-managed social services, emergency financial relief, advocacy, and help with services and equipment.

Veterans who come to HonorBound are usually struggling with little things. Often they and their families need immediate help. They’re forced to make a decision between rent or food, between clothing for their children or car repairs. These little things can throw a family into turmoil.

We help in ways other agencies can’t. Veterans and their families turn to HonorBound for critical social and health services. We have provided temporary housing for veterans in crisis, and helped purchase everything from snow tires to dentures. We help veterans navigate the VA system and obtain the benefits to which they are entitled.

HonorBound has established partnerships with caseworkers and social workers within the VA, as well as other agencies around the country.


To serve veterans and their families with honor, dignity, and respect by advocating for and providing immediate assistance to them during times of crisis.


We are honor bound to do everything in our power to help restore every veteran’s dignity and self-respect earned in service to our country.

Stories of Support

“I have a home now — thank you. HonorBound got me on my feet.”

– L.S.M. in Florida