Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

Passion Herbert

Serving in the military is a family tradition for Passion Herbert. Both her parents, her brother, and her stepmother all served. She started down the military path early on, first as a Junior Reserve Officer in JROTC during high school, then as an Army Specialist after graduating.

Passion did well on all her tests and soon headed into the medical field, becoming a surgical tech. Fort Bragg was her first duty station. Then she went to Iraq, where she served honorably for a year and a half. She remembers one day in particular, when she saw a Chinook helicopter get shot down. She bravely rushed through the mortar fire, risking her own life to treat the injured. “Soldiers died that day,” she says, “it was a difficult time.”

But that didn’t scare Passion away, after Iraq she continued to follow her heart and served for six more years, receiving four commendations…

“I was stationed at St. Thomas Virgin Islands when the storms hit,” Passion explains, “after the Army I came to Tampa with only a suitcase.” Having lost everything, and having no job, adjusting to civilian life was hard. Passion eventually got a job within the VA, but health challenges required surgery and a long medical leave. Unable to work, she got behind on her electricity bills and needed help paying for daycare.

Thanks to your support, those bills were paid. “Getting that help took the stress off,” she says. “It gives me a sense of peace to know HonorBound is there for veterans.” Thanks to your generous support, Passion and her family can have a fresh start and some much-needed financial relief.

At HonorBound we believe that veterans have earned a peaceful civilian life through their selfless service to our country. Passion, a decorated hero, returned from active duty only to find herself in debt and afraid for her family’s future. Together we can make a difference for veterans facing hard times after service. Thank you for supporting our mission to bring stability and relief to veterans nationwide.