Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

PTSD Service Dogs for Veterans

HonorBound Foundation understands the importance of service dogs for veterans with disabilities. That’s why we are sponsoring Boots, a German Shepherd that will become a professional medical service dog.

Boots in particular is trained to assist a veteran with severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is a devastating disability that can cause serious harm to the veteran and their loved ones. The symptoms range from nightmares and flashbacks to overwhelming panic and fear.

Our great country loses 22 veteran heroes to suicide every day as a direct result of their struggle with PTSD.

Service dogs provide life-saving medical care. Here’s how service dogs like Boots have been proven to help veterans with PTSD manage their symptoms:

Trained PTSD service dogs can:

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    Respond to the stress level of the veteran, reacting to their signs of anxiety or depression.
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    Understand when a nightmare or flashback is happening, and use their weight to provide deep pressure stimulation
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    Protect with physical barriers when needed in triggering public places, like having their back at the ATM when they feel vulnerable.
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    Remind them to take medications and retrieve those medications.
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    Retrieve items to assist the veteran, like a cold water bottle during a flashback or medication during a panic attack.
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    Provide constant loyalty and love to a veteran in need.

It has been proven that medical service dogs help veterans to manage their PTSD and live more peaceful and happy lives.
Not only are veterans paired with service dogs happier, they are also safer.

The suicide rate for vets paired with service dogs is considerably lower than the rate of suicide among veterans without service dogs. Having a trained service dog not only provides veterans the support they need, it also saves lives.

If you are a veteran with PTSD and you are local to Connecticut, you can apply to be paired with Boots here:

To join HonorBound in pairing veterans with service dogs, please click here: