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Put The Greater Good First

Page Policastro

Page has always put the greater good first. She joined the Air Force at the young age of 19 and over her 9 years of service she worked as a flying crew chief. Page went through a rigorous and special training process to become a specialty aircraft mechanic who flies with the planes. Page wanted to make the Air Force her lifelong career, but then the accident happened…

“I was working on an aircraft engine when I tripped and fell.” Page hit her head on a wrought iron stand. She wanted to keep helping and doing her job, so she told everyone she was fine. But a week later, Page had a seizure.

Because of that injury, Page had to leave the Air Force. She has gone through treatment for her head and has finally been medically cleared. But to this day she’s still undergoing treatment for PTSD from her service. Returning to civilian life has been a struggle.

Page had to go through several months of treatment for her Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and being out of work really impacted her financial situation. She had some overdue bills and was about to have essential utilities shut off.

“It’s hard to focus on your mental health issues when your lights are getting turned off.”

That’s what brought Page to HonorBound. “I needed a little help,” Page says, “since I was out of work for a while.” Page heard back from HonorBound very fast, “I got an email saying the bills were taken care of. I was amazed!”

That help made a big difference. Today, with those bills out of the way, Page’s financial freedom has allowed her to focus on her schooling to become an Operating Room Registered Nurse.

After dedicated service in our Air Force, Page shouldn’t have to choose between her recovery and keeping her home running.

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