Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

R Johnson

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson, a 94-year-old World War II veteran, had been living in decrepit conditions in a government-subsidized Hartford apartment. After an array of housing code violations, rodents, bedbug infestations, broken elevators, sewage problems, and other hazardous problems — which were reported on by the Hartford Courant — went unrepaired in Johnson’s apartment, he and his son contacted U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) for help.

With the help of the HonorBound Foundation, as well as various community resources and local agencies, Senator Murphy’s office was able to secure a newly renovated apartment for Mr. Johnson to move into. Mr. Johnson was even able to move into his new home before the Christmas holiday.

“We are incredibly thankful to Mr. Johnson for his service to our country, and this was our opportunity to show him our gratitude,” said Phil Kraft, executive director of HonorBound Foundation. “It was a true honor to help find a more dignified living situation for Mr. Johnson.”

Along with Senator Murphy, Phil Kraft will be stopping by on Jan. 12 to check on Mr. Johnson’s new home and ensure he is settling in nicely.