Stories of Support

Since 1978, HonorBound Foundation has assisted nearly 20,000 veterans.

“We honestly never thought any program would give so much. This program is a gold star.”

– M.S. in Washington, on the verge of eviction

“Please accept my thank you for all of your help. You held my family together when all was falling apart.”

– M.R. in Florida

“I was at the end of all hope. The estimated wait time for VA to consider my case was 180 days. I was threatened to be evicted and homeless when HonorBound came through so I would not be in the street. I was so happy I cried. Went to church that Sunday and told them I had received a blessing!”

– C.G. in Florida

“I had applied to other service organizations, however, they did not have any funds. As a combat veteran, it is nice to know we are not forgotten when we return from battle.”

– R.O., nearly homeless in Virginia

“I just want you to know that I’m so very grateful for the work you do. I was homeless at a veterans’ shelter and your assistance enabled me to get into an apartment! I was able to get on my feet. The initial help you provided me was such a blessing!”

– B.H. in California

“We would have lost our home without HonorBound’s assistance.  I appreciate their help more than I can express.”

– G.L. in Indiana