Stories of Support

Since 1978, HonorBound Foundation has assisted nearly 20,000 veterans.

“At the time, HonorBound was the only one there for my family. You went above and beyond! I can’t express enough how thankful I am. You came through at a time of need! You didn’t make me feel degraded for asking for help. Thank you so much.”

– T.F. in Ohio, nearly homeless

“I do not have appropriate words to express how grateful I am for what HonorBound gave me, nor how personable, empathetic and totally caring and concerned your representative was toward me. Without assistance from you I would have lost everything I owned.”

– R.S. in North Carolina

“Your service was life-saving. We don’t know what we would have done without your assistance! Only God knew and knows you did a great job. Your services are to be commended!  Thank you and God bless.”

– B.L. in Mississippi, nearing foreclosure

“HonorBound saved my family from losing our house. Thank you so very much.  We are very grateful for your help.”

– F.H. in Nebraska

“I was close to homelessness waiting for my VA disability to be approved. I am very grateful to HonorBound.”

– W.S. in California

“We were struggling so hard at that time and it was such a blessing when HonorBound helped us. Thanks so much for all you do to help veterans and their families.”

– B.S. in Texas, on the verge of foreclosure