Stories of Support

Since 1978, HonorBound Foundation has assisted nearly 20,000 veterans.

“My husband was a victim of Agent Orange and required an ambulance three times a week for dialysis. We were overwhelmed with ambulance charges. We are very thankful for the help we received from HonorBound.”

– E.W. in Florida

“I could not believe how fast you were able to assist me and my family. You counseled me on other assistance programs. HonorBound is by far the most wonderful organization I have ever come in contact with.”

– R.S. in Georgia, facing homelessness

“At the time, HonorBound was the only one there for my family. You went above and beyond! I can’t express enough how thankful I am. You came through at a time of need! You didn’t make me feel degraded for asking for help. Thank you so much.”

– T.F. in Ohio, nearly homeless

“I do not have appropriate words to express how grateful I am for what HonorBound gave me, nor how personable, empathetic and totally caring and concerned your representative was toward me. Without assistance from you I would have lost everything I owned.”

– R.S. in North Carolina

“Your service was life-saving. We don’t know what we would have done without your assistance! Only God knew and knows you did a great job. Your services are to be commended!  Thank you and God bless.”

– B.L. in Mississippi, nearing foreclosure

“HonorBound saved my family from losing our house. Thank you so very much.  We are very grateful for your help.”

– F.H. in Nebraska