Stories of Support

Since 1978, HonorBound Foundation has assisted nearly 20,000 veterans.

“I was close to homelessness waiting for my VA disability to be approved. I am very grateful to HonorBound.”

– W.S. in California

“We were struggling so hard at that time and it was such a blessing when HonorBound helped us. Thanks so much for all you do to help veterans and their families.”

– B.S. in Texas, on the verge of foreclosure

“A true life saver. Since getting your assistance I co-founded a vets support group. You gave me hope. Thank you.”

– B.T. in Georgia, formerly homeless

“Your service was a true Godsend. I hope this organization can continue to help vets. God bless you all.”

– J.R. in Ohio

“I was very happy that HonorBound helped me out and now I’m no longer homeless.”

– N.S. in Florida

HBF - Stories of Support

“It seemed like they dropped everything and made sure me and my children had a place to live. They were the first to come to my need. Everywhere else gave me the runaround. I will be indebted to you for life—you saved my dignity and my spirit for living. My children say thank you.”

– R.R. in New Jersey, unemployed after 20 years with the same company