Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

The Comeback Kid

Your generosity went to work this month, showing up for veterans with emergency needs during this difficult time. One Army vet, Brian, was in a devastating situation.

Brian sadly lost his grandmother to COVID-19, but that was just the beginning. At her funeral, several other members of his family contracted the virus.

Within just a few weeks Brian lost his grandmother, multiple aunts, cousins, and his father.

Grief. Mourning. Sadness. Loss.

Brian is facing all of those difficult feelings. To make matters worse, he also was hit with funeral and burial expenses for his lost loved ones.

The morgue stated that they were going to include his father in a mass cremation. Brian panicked- he couldn’t stand the thought. He desperately wanted to honor his father the best he could.

Brian scraped together the funds he had and paid for cold storage for his father’s body until he could afford to have his father cremated and buried privately.

Every day that passed racked up more debt for Brian, with no end in sight. Those stressful payments went on for three months. He tried to make ends meet, but it was just not possible. And his utilities were about to be shut off.

When Brian came to HonorBound for emergency support, your generosity was there for him and covered his utilities. A major relief for someone facing such devastating loss in their family.

Because of your generosity, Brian could give his father the service and burial he wanted.

Now Brian is able to take things one day at a time. He is finally able to go back to work, where he is a mental health professional that works with at-risk underprivileged youth.

Your caring donations help vets like Brian make it through their darkest time. Now Brian is giving back through his work in his community.