Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

This is a man who believes.

Mark Wilcox is a man who believes in our military and our country. He joined the Navy right out of high school. He served on an aviation striker billet in Spain and worked on the flight deck of the USS Lexington. His skills came in handy, and he was put in charge of handling the repairs and testing for the F-14 Tomcat and P-3 Orion aircraft. He also served several deployments on the USS John F. Kennedy in the Mediterranean.

Even after separating from the Navy, Mark continued to step up for his country by serving an additional 10 years in the Coast Guard Reserves. Mark worked hard for as long as he could, until he finally needed to face retirement. Now, living on a fixed income in retirement, it’s tough to make ends meet, especially when unexpected expenses come up.

“The brakes on our minivan were bad,” Mark says. Nancy, his wife, joins in: “We were afraid to drive it, especially with the grandkids.” Mark and Nancy Wilcox are two patriotic Americans whose family relies on that one minivan. It transports the entire family, including three daughters, three sons in law and four grandchildren.

Everyone deserves to feel safe when they pack their grandchildren into their car to go to school. Everyone deserves to feel secure that their loved ones will arrive safely. With bad brakes in their minivan, Mark and Nancy were constantly worried if their family would come home.

That’s why your support means so much, your generosity fixed the brakes on the Wilcox’s car, and also provided much-needed glasses for Nancy. You were there for them. You got their expenses paid, fast.

“HonorBound,” Nancy says, “is making many lives so much better. Thank you!”. Mark agrees: “When people give to HonorBound, it shows their appreciation for the physical and mental sacrifices made by our military, and we’re grateful for that, and for you.”