The Veteran Next Door

Released: April 21, 2018

Barbara grew concerned about the veteran next door when she observed him in their suburban Connecticut neighborhood wearing a heavy winter coat while walking his dog on an otherwise mild December day. She soon learned that Tom, a 75-year-old Vietnam veteran and his wife had been living without heat for six years as there were issues with his heating system that they simply could not afford to repair. Alarmed, Barbara contacted local agencies and veteran organizations only to find that the couple did not meet enough of their restrictive program requirements. She finally contacted the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), who referred her to HonorBound, and that’s when Tom’s luck changed. We quickly arranged and paid for a local plumbing and heating company to effect the necessary repairs and got Tom’s heating system running again.

We were able to obtain these services at a substantial discount, as it is our intent to create partnerships wherever possible to build community  awareness of veteran need in their area. Barbara’s kindness as a neighbor didn’t end there—she covered not only the cost of his oil, but also made a generous donation to HonorBound Foundation. Tom and his wife were finally comfortable, and safe, in their home.

HonorBound Foundation is a privately funded non-profit organization based in Darien, CT, whose mission is to serve veterans and their families with honor, dignity, and respect by advocating for and providing immediate assistance to them during times of crisis. HonorBound helps veterans when other agencies cannot. In the first quarter of 2018 HonorBound Foundation aided over 500 veterans. 35% of these veterans received assistance with electric bills; 13% received security deposits for new apartments; 11% received assistance for heating fuel; and another 18% received
assistance with various other utilities. The remaining 23% consisted of auto payments, repairs, and insurance, as well as medical and dental expenses, child care, education, and legal fees.

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