Why Hire A Vet?

Finding the right person to fill a job opening is challenging. Employers want an employee who is capable and responsible. VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VocRehab) program pairs Veterans with employers by matching skills with staffing needs. VocRehab also offers support and incentives to employers who hire or rehire Veterans who have service-connected disabilities. Here are 10 smart reasons to hire Veterans—and what you’ll gain.

“If you own a business, the best way to thank a Veteran is to hire one.”

Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis
Veterans have hands-on work experience in fast-paced and high-stress situations. They have proven their ability to quickly determine the relative importance of tasks and take effective action while under extreme pressure.
2.Team Players
Veterans understand the importance of teamwork, especially combat Veterans, whose lives have literally depended on everyone doing what is best for others. Veterans also understand that the concept of “team” varies, be it individuals within a department working together, or many units and branches joining forces to achieve a common goal.
Veterans have been trained to be leaders, and have put their leadership skills to the test. Veterans understand the chain of command and know how to demonstrate leadership while maintaining respect for their superiors.
4.Those Who Thrive Under Pressure
Whether it’s waking up early for drills, or completing a mission under fire, Veterans know how to succeed under pressure. They understand the importance of keeping a cool head to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.
5.People who Triumph Over Adversity
Veterans who are ready to re-enter the workforce have proven their ability to overcome hardship and rise to the challenges placed in their path. They are flexible, determined, and hardworking.
Veterans understand their place in the big-picture success of an organization. They recognize that adhering to procedures and being accountable are critical to the health of the organization. In combat, the “that’s not my job” attitude doesn’t go very far: Veterans take a “let’s get the job done” approach.
7.Global skills
Veterans have learned to work with people of varying backgrounds and to function as part of a team regardless of race, gender, religion, or economic status. Veterans who have been deployed to foreign countries may even have valuable language skills. These interpersonal skills are highly useful in an increasingly diverse and globalized marketplace.
8.Assistance with Accommodations
Workplace accommodations for Veterans with service-connected disabilities can usually be made at little or no cost to the employer. VocRehab purchases necessary work equipment for qualified Veterans, and many other programs subsidize workplace accommodations. Benefits to providing workplace accommodations include higher employee retention and increased productivity.
9.Employer Incentives
VA and many other federal departments offer financial incentives, including federal tax credits and salary subsidies, to employers who hire qualifying Veterans. VocRehab provides employers with information about these programs at VetSuccess.gov/Employers.
10.The Honor of Serving Those Who Have Served
Our Service members and Veterans have served fellow citizens while risking their lives. Employers can honor the sacrifices made by these men and women by providing employment opportunities and a chance for them to fully participate in the society they have given so much to protect. By partnering with VocRehab, employers can help Veterans gain satisfying careers and a sense of purpose.

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