Your Gifts at Work to Help Veterans

You Helped A Vet Keep The Lights On

It was hard for Haron to ask for help. He’s used to pulling his own weight. But lately life has been tough for him and his family.

Haron joined the Army National Guard at 18. He served every weekend, and during the week he worked as a lineman for a utility company. Every year, he even used his two weeks of vacation time to serve – for 15 years.

Then he was deployed to Iraq.

“I got into some bad situations over there,” he says. “Saw some bad stuff.” But Haron never really left the battlefield. He brought PTSD home with him, and he needs counseling and medication to help manage his symptoms. Even worse, he is unable to work.

Without regular work, Haron has had a hard time keeping up with bills. His electricity was recently shut off.

“We would have to fumble around in the dark,” he says, “helping my son do his homework by candlelight or flashlight.” That was the last straw for Haron, so he finally reached out for help.

Thankfully, generous donors like you were there for Haron and his family. HonorBound was able to pay the overdue bill, and the lights came back on. Haron couldn’t be more grateful. “Getting that electricity bill paid – well, it made a real difference for my family. I don’t know what we would have done if it hadn’t been for somebody donating to HonorBound to help us out.”

Stories like Haron’s are why your continued support means so much to all of us here at HonorBound Foundation. Thank you for being there for him, and for all of our brave veterans.